Saturday, July 7, 2007

Greetings from the US and A

We are currently in the United States...San Diego to be exact. We are running on no sleep and had the longest Thrusday of our lives... We almost missed our flight home at 12:30PM, got stuck at customs(Maria forgot the no liquids rule)Was in fiji for 4 hours and then had a 10 hour flight to only return to LA at 1:30 THE SAME DAY!!!! This time difference thing is a killer, but on Monday night we will back in ARIZONA!!!! Its crazy that 5 months went by so fast(atleast for us). Its just crazy and of course we had the times of our lives. Heres some pictures we took, stole or "aquired" and random videos. Thanks for coming on the journey with us and we'll be seeing everyone soon.

Last Days

Packing 1

More Packing


Fourth of July


Monday, July 2, 2007

When Americans Explore Australia

If you were expecting a calming roadtrip from Brisbane to are dealing with the wrong girls. Let us start by giving the facts. Brisbane to Cairns is about a 19 hour road trip. That is approximately 1707km(1060 miles)to drive.Alot of road to cover in one week.There arent many big cities in Australia and as a result you can go hours without seeing people before you even hit a small town(which are scary within themselves)

We left Brisbane Saturday afternoon and road into the night. We slept at the beach in our car because it was so cold. We keep forgetting that we are in the southern hemispere and not frying like we usually do in June. We then drove until we got to Airline Beach where we discovered we had a flat tire. Cristalle tried to fix the car, but the car landed on her hand, just brusing it slightly.OUCH!!! She is ok, no broken bones, but she has seen better days.

We then drove to a small town(and there is alot of those)of Ingham. If hadnt started raining or wasnt late, perhaps we would have kept going, but we got a room(7 dollars each) in the lovely town in Ingham.As we started to settle in to our room as big as a peanut(see video) we started to think we might have been a really bad horror movie and pushed our beds next to the door and tried to sleep.

After all this(and a stop in Mission Beach) we finally got to Cairns. We got the best of the Best hostels, Gilligans, and we just relaxed. The next day it was cold and windy, but it didnt stop us from snorkling and diving the barrier reef. The reef was so beautiful just like in the pictures. Maria saw a string ray while Cristalle saw a shark. There was coral, and fish that seemed painted and so much more. We got some pictures on the our water camera, hopefully they came out.

The next day Maria went white water rafting on the tully river.It is now one of her favorite things in world. We did grade 3 and 4 rapids and the tour guide was really nice and fuuny. She didnt fall out of course execpt her guide pushed the group out and then told them to jump out to practice if they were to fall out. It was an amazing time! Maria is down to do it again.

On Friday we took it easy and went to Cape Tribulation on a crocodile tour(which we saw tons of) and the rain forest. The cape was absoulety beautiful. Its amazing to see where the reef and rain forest meet and get a flair for a different part of Australia.

The next day we headed back to Brisbane wondering where all the time went. The ride was eventful. The lovely queensland roads are built oh so well that the pot holes and dips helped for a bumpy ride. Also us hitting a kangaroo( sorry aussies) was crazy. They just hope across the road and bam there you go. I think we might have saw more pn the side of the road then hopping! We conutine to see beautiful Australia when we started having car trouble and it just gave out. We had to finsh the last 6 hours of our road trip on the bus back to brisbane.

This trip was one of my favoirtes we have ever taken. With a few set backs here and there but we all made it back to Brisbane in one piece. And now here we go with only a few days to pack before we are back in the states, its surreal. Well until next time!


start it off

Part 1



Dont stay here 1

Ingham 2

Mission Beach


We made it

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The book on this is about to close...

Can you believe it? In about 2 and half weeks we will be on the shores of the United States and then a few days later back in Arizona! It's mad crazy! Its hard to believe that after a year of planning, 5 months went by so fast. But there is still time enjoy the last of our adventures!

School is winding down...thank god! This semester was at time drainning and kicked our butts, but we did it! After this week, we can just relax and get ready for our roadtrip! 4 americans, one to love it!

As for what we are doing in Brisbane besides stressing with finals, we have been saying goodbye to everyone. The international community became sort of a family these last months and its hard to imagine we all cant come back here together, but as is life. You move on and you learn from these people and experiences.

Well that is all today.Enjoy the pictures and video especially the one called Journey. We dedicate it to our family and friends back home. We miss and love you! See ya soon!

Good Randomness



Friday, June 8, 2007

We are almost done...

Well our journey is almost at an end...yes it's hard to believe. After all the planning, traveling and goodtimes, it will finally be over. Apart of us wishes we could spend more time here, but now that we are on the home strech..we are ready to go home to Arizona! We will be back July 9th in Arizona.

As for what we have been up to, well school has been winding down which means FINALS!!! we arent too happy about those but on the brighter side we are going on a road trip to the Great Barrier Reef! Yea you read that right, road trip! We are renting a van and bringing Lacey and Denise with us! it should take about a days drive. We are leaving Saturday morning and hopefully getting back july 1st. Cross fingers! We cant wait!

Well heres a couple of pictures and a video of our fun. It includes us being apart of a magic show on the streets. Maria was trying to get kurt to volunteer as the assistant, but the magician said he needed someone with a brown sweater and jeans with brown thongs(what Maria was wearing) Another includes seeing the effiel tower at the best Italian Cafe in Brisbane and the cars around it and of course us on the town! Enjoy! See ya soon!


Look of downtown

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mom and Olga come to visit

These past two weeks, the USA came to visit Down under in the form of Mom and Olga. Maria first meet them is Sydney and was really exciting to have a piece of home down here. We of course had a fun time exploring the city, going to aquirium, the zoo(where we finally saw kangaroos! been in the country 3 months hadnt seen any) went on a river cruise(which we went on the wrong boat which was the longer crusie but no one notice...shhhh) and saw that Sydney had to offer.

The best part we could say about Syndey was celebrating Olga's birthday(she got two days) at the ballet in the Opera House. It was absoulety beautiful and shocking to see the dancers muscles booming out of them. It was great fun.

We then headed to our town, Brisbane. Here we relaxed, explored some parts and saw some of the touristy things.We of course took them to the beach which was a little cold, but its fall here. However the most important thing was having Meixcan food. We hadnt had it in 3 months and of course mom and olga bought mexican food and made homemade tortillas(which they hand rolled with a beer bottle).

Having them here was amazing. It was like we got a little taste of home which we dearly miss! Thank you both for coming...we had an amazing time!

Some of the pictures and videos are contrubted by mom and olga. There is alot which is why this blog is short...we love and miss everyone!

Mom and Olga Down Under

Mom and Olga Down Under Part 2

tour of room

olgas birthday

tour by maria

lunch time




Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morten Island

It is the wee hours here down under, but it the only time we are able to update bc house has gone over our Internet usage..again. Oh well as is life

Anyways we just got back from camping from Morten Island and omg it was amazing. We went with two of our friends Lacey and Victoria and although it was a small group we had so much fun! The ferry you take just drops you off and you see these huge sand dunes! It was like Gilligan's island, but we had no skipper!

The first day we got there we set up our tent. Our tent was a little on the "special" side which bothered Cristalle a tad, but Maria was like uh whatever. We then went exploring the island. Rumor had it that the island had sharks in the water, but locals told us it on the other side...ummm yea. We did see some fishes and a manta ray which was cool. That night we hung out in the tents and started a fire. We cooked Beans! Go Us(espically Cristalle)

The next day we went sand tobogganing. We had to climb up this huge hill which was a work out in it self. You then go head first down these mountains at 65 kph(im not sure what that is in miles, but it is hella fast!) It was so much fun even when we got sand in our face and eyes. We were covered in sand for the rest of the weekend. We even went two at a time...goodtimes! We will have pictures of that in upcoming weeks. We couldnt bring our camera bc we didnt want it damage. However Vics did get the longest disatance! Woot!

That night we went to the dolphin feeding. There wer elike 8 dolphins and they kept getting tons and tons of fish,which is only 10 percent of their diet.It was cool to watch, espically the little kids feeding the dolphins, so cute. The dolphins even did some killa moves.(see video)

The next day we went on a banana boat which is basically a long raft. It was alot of fun,but we wanted the guy to faster, but sadly he didnt :( He probally didnt think us Americans could handle it...psh whateve.

We then went snokling(Maria didnt get sea sick, but it was a big boat) around the wrecks near the island. That was alot of fun bc we got to feed the fish and they jumped up at you. The coral was beautiful and the water was so blue! It was beautiful.

The next day it rained(can we go anywhere when it doesnt rain?) But it was ok bc we were leaving anyways with sand, smelly and covered in bug bites! The Mozzies lived us! We soon got back to Brisbane and decided to see Spiderman 3...disappointment just fyi!

Anyways we are having a good time and awaiting the arrival of Maria's Mom and Aunt Olga...EXCITING!!! Well that is all we love and miss you and we will see you soon!

PS~Maria did the last video for a might like it

Morten Island

Playing with Fire

Fun at Sun Set



Sunday, April 29, 2007

Texas is in Arizona

The headline we have were asked by our new roomies...yea we got new roomies again! Is it something we said? hehe but we like them better than the pervious two so all is good!

So what exactly have we been up here down under? Well we are glad you asked!In the last two weeks we both have been swapped with school. The study part in study aboard kinda erks us. We thought we were signing up for a 5 month vacation...where does it say we are studying... our parents are rolling their eyes right about now!

Haha but yea in those two weeks we have also been enjoying Brisbane! This city never gets boring and neither the people. We went to a party where the theme was PHD. You basically come dressed as something that starts with one of those letters, so Cristalle went as a paperboy with no paper and Maria just threw on a phoenix jersey and called it a day. Other people were much more creative as you will see by the pictures.goodtimes.

Other than that its been business as usual. Maria did go to Movie World which is basically Universal Studios on a smaller scale. She also did go to Mnt. Cootha which is a mountain here where you can go on and see the whole city. Very Beautiful, but the pictures didnt come out so she got a video.

Some updates of what we are doing in the next couple of weeks. Next weekend we are going to Morten Island with some of our friends to go camping and then the week after Maria's Mom and Aunt Olga are coming downunder...WE ARE EXCITED!!!!! Hopefully the weather will be better and less humid!

We love and miss everyone and we will be seeing you soon!


mnt. cootha